Bytefeld Gmbh & Co. KG is a small software company located in the northern German outback.
We focus on high speed warehouse control and material flow systems and we love what we do.

What we do

System Analysis

Before you improve or build, you need to understand. We analyze existing and upcoming systems, find weaknesses, propose improvements, document the undocumented.

Software Design and Development

Designing and developing software is our core business. We understand that software and automation is a means, not an end, and we want our software to feel like the natural tool for the job.

Our software design embraces SOLID software design principles in an architecture based on microservices ideas.

We do not lock you in and we love the open source movement: You get the full source code and a permissive license to let you continue without us, if you wish to do so.

System Commissioning

We come on site, we deploy, we integrate, we test, we watch production. We will not leave unless everything is working as expected – which may be quicker than you expect.

Support and Maintenance

With lessons learned in the last 20 years, resilience plays a strong role in our software design. We love the ideas and culture behind Netfix Simian Army and DevOps.